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Buhari Is The Only Problem By Bolaji Lawal

By Bolaji Lawal

Yes, I read the CNN report. The only problem I have with the report is Buhari.

When Jeff Koinange did a report that fell below International standard of journalism, CNN fell for it and broadcasted it. The Obasanjo government did not exchange words with CNN, rather it investigated the CNN report line by line and exposed Koinange line by line.

The OBJ Government presented it’s counter report to CNN with evidence that Koinange only manipulated information in a way that fell below standard.

CNN fired Koinange.

This is what I expect from the Buhari administration. But I don’t trust Buhari to fight back based on his antecedents since he came into government in 2015. Everything has been thrown at Buhari and he has hardly lifted a finger, including an attempted poisoning.

President Buhari, you are scared of your place in history because of your past as a military dictator, that is understandable. But know that you can never change the mind of those who hate you, so the fear of opinions from such people should not bother you.

President Buhari, please fight this watery CNN report without evidence. Please.

Bad news for anti Buharists. The CNN report did not validate a massacre took place, at least it presented no evidence. It continues to say eye witness accounts. That’s BS and they know it.

I expect the Buhari administration to pick leads in the CNN report as it investigates the CNN report. The first is a certain VICTOR IBANGA that was allegedly killed at the scene of shooting at Lekki Toll Gate. They claim the picture was GEOLOCATED!!! I am aware technologies like this exist and that’s why I confidently asserted in the heat of #Lekkilies that no government could hide the massacre at Lekki Toll Gate, all things being equal.

The Victor Ibanga alleged death also produced a family member who also allegedly received a call informing of his death within a few hours of the Lekki shooting. All these provide useful lead to the government to investigate the CNN report.

Personally, I don’t believe this story. If the CNN report could quote DJ Swith then it could be quoting just anybody. TAKE THIS UP BUHARI

The second thing worth looking into in the CNN report is the assertion by a certain Dr. Ayo Aranmolate. This can easily be confirmed. It requires no hitech.

All other things in the report are BS.

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