How To Make A Simple Hair Bonnet At Home

Materials you would need:

• Satin material (to be on the safe side get about 1 yard)

• Scissors

• Thread

• A measuring rape

• Chalk

• A table or flat surface

• A needle or sewing machine

• Elastic band

• Safety pin

• Office pins


Put two separate pieces of material against each other using office pins to hold the edges together and trace a circle on top with a diameter of about 20 inches

This is a much easier way of cutting out a circle.

Then proceed to cut out the circle.

Turn over the fabric so that the right side of each faces each other
Stitch around the edge and leave a small opening so you can turn it over when done.

Trace a second circle one inch inward from the edge and stitched that one.

Stitch both ends of the elastic together and close the opening.


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