Parents have failed, we no longer have the values we have – Finance Minister


Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Shamsuna Ahmad has said that the parents have failed their children as they no longer had socially acceptable values.

Shamsuna said this in Kaduna on Saturday while speaking with stakeholders that includes the 77 district heads, religious and community leaders from the 23 Local Government Areas of Kaduna State.

“We are calling the attention of parents that we have failed our children in the sense that the kind of values we use to have is no more.

“We need to remind ourselves that our children need to be upright and that this criminality going on, on daily basis, is not for their benefits and the benefit of the state and country,” she said.


Minister of Environment, Dr Muhammad Mahmud who also spoke in the event asked for their support in the fight against Insecurity in the country.

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